Rocksmith Couplings

Rocksmith offers heavy duty couplings for linking shank adaptors and extension rods.
Based on the internal arrangement, majority of the couplings can be classified into
Semi Bridge Type Coupling
Full Bridge Type Coupling

semiSemi Bridge Coupling

The Semi-Bridge coupling contains a small non-threaded bridge in the centre. It offers the following advantage
• Steel cannot thread past the bridge area
• These couplings offer best energy transfer. They are most suited for high torque machines

semiThe Full Bridge Coupling

The full bridge coupling contains an integral steel bridge embedded within the coupling. This type of coupling offers the following advantage
• It eliminates the potential for the coupling to creep along the threaded joints
• It offers better uncoupling characteristics and tends to maintain tighter joints
• In this type of coupling there are less chances of jamming

Currently Rocksmith offers the more popular Semi Bridge Coupling to its customers. Please see the catalogue below to order in your coupling

Semi Bridge-Coupling – Catalogue
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Adapter Couplings

The adapter coupling is used when changing from one thread type or size to another. Rocksmith offers heavy duty semi bridge type and full bridge type adapter couplings. To place your order please selects the line item from the pdf catalogue and paste the specifications into the downloaded word template form. Attach the saved document with your organization and contact details, click send and we will get back to you shortly.

semiThe Full Bridge Type Adapter Coupling

Adapter Coupling – Catalogue
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