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diamond drilling consumablesDiamond Core Bits and Reaming Shells
Diamond Core Bits
Diamond core bits are used extensively for exploration purpose. The key technology in this kind of drilling is the bit itself. The cutting surface of these bits is made up of industrial diamonds scattered throughout a metallic matrix. In this kind of drilling the diamond encrusted bit is mounted onto a drill stem, which is connected to a rotary drill. As the drilling progresses the gradual wear of the matrix causes more diamonds to get exposed. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to mankind. They are able to drill through hard rock with ease. The drilling process produces a ‘core’ which once retrieved is used to examine the subsurface rock and soil conditions. The core is used for studying the conditions at depths where future drilling activities are likely to be conducted.

Rocksmith offers high quality diamond core bits and reaming shells.

Reaming Shells

The purpose of the reaming shells is two-fold
1. To gauge the hole diameter
2. To stabilize the core barrel during the drilling to avoid the vibration and hole deviation
Our bits and shells have been used extensively by our satisfied clientele for number of years.

Please click on the catalogue link below to view the bit and the reaming shell selection. Select the appropriate line item from the catalogue and paste it in the enquiry form. Save the enquiry form on your computer and send the saved attachment along with your organization details for us to give you a quote. We have classified the bits based on their size and core diameter.

Diamond Core Bits – Catalogue
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