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DTH HammersDTH Hammers

A down-hole hammer is a percussion hammer drill. In this type of hammer the piston applying repeated percussive pressure is in direct contact with the bit. As the name implies, this hammer works ‘down the hole’. The hammer and the bit are located at the end of the drill string. One of the main advantages of the DTH hammer is that the drilling rate is not affected very much by the length or depth of the hole. DTH Hammers are well suited for drilling into medium hard to hard rock. They are especially well suited for drilling into fractured rock. They are extensively used in mining, quarrying, civil engineering and water well drilling industries.

Rocksmith offers top quality DTH hammers and bits. Our products have been tried and tested in the harshest of rock conditions. Our bits utilize quality hardened steel alloy for the bit body and premium quality tungsten carbide button inserts. Our products are recognized for having exceptional durability resulting in a very loyal and satisfied clientele.

Rocksmith provides hammers and bits with most popular shanks. We also specialize in supplying spares for individual hammer components.

To help ease the selection process we have categorized our DTH hammers based on hammer dimensions and our bits based on shank designation, bit diameter, bit face configuration, and carbide design

Rocksmith offers DTH bits having concave, flat face and convex bit face configuration.

DTH bits - Concave FaceConcave Face

Features of a Concave Face
• Capable of drilling straighter holes in medium to hard rock which is broken or less consolidated
• Offers high penetration rate in the above stated rock conditions
• Has excellent air flushing characteristics
• Predominant face style for majority of drilling conditions

DTH bits - Flat FaceFlat Face

Features of Flat Face
• Have a superior performance in hard, abrasive and broken rock conditions
• They however have a slower penetration rate in comparison to a concave face bit

DTH bits - Convex FaceConvex Face

Features of Convex Face
• This face has been designed to offer high penetration rate in soft rock such as shale, limestone etc
• They are recognized for having excellent capability for drilling into moderately consolidated rock conditions

Carbide Design
The right selection of the profile shape is one of the most fundamental decisions when selecting different carbide configuration for the bit. Rocksmith offers button profile having either semi ballistic or hemispherical carbide design.

bit with semi ballistic carbide configuration

bit with hemispherical carbide configuration

The bit with semi ballistic carbide configuration offers faster penetration in softer rock. They are best suited for non abrasive ground conditions. Bits with hemispherical carbide configuration are capable of drilling in hard rock. Although their penetration rate is slower in comparison to the bits with semi ballistic carbide profile, the bits equipped with these hemispherical buttons have a longer life.

DTH Hammer bits
DTH Hammer Bits

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