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Top Hammer Drill Rods

Rocksmith offers drill rods having high bending stiffness capable of sustaining high impact waves. Our drill rods are made from premium quality steel. They are manufactured in a controlled environment using advanced heat treatment procedures. Rocksmith drill rods have been used extensively for more than two decades now in both domestic as well as international market. Our rods are well suited for heavy duty open cast/underground mining, quarry and civil engineering applications.
In order to meet your customized requirement and help you in the rod selection process, Rocksmith has classified the drill rods based on the thread and the rod profile.

A) Categorization based on thread

• Rope Thread (R) Thread
• Trapezoidal Thread (T) Thread

R thread & HM (T) Thread
The key characteristics of these threads has been listed below
Rope Thread drill rodsRope Thread (R) Thread

• Has good wear properties
• It is ideal for single pass or short hole drilling such as underground tunnelling application that require infrequent uncoupling
• It is available in sizes 22 mm-38 mm

Trapezoidal Thread drill rods The HM (T) Thread

• This type of thread has a greater torque transferring capacity
• It is ideal for extension drilling with multiple steel
• It is available in size 38 mm, 45 mm, 51 mm and 60 mm

B) Categorization based on rod profile
• Hexagonal Rods
• Round Rods

Hexagonal Rods & Round Rods
The key characteristics of these rods have been listed below:

Hexagonal Rods

Hexagonal  drill Rods
Hexagonal Rods

• These rods are typically more heavier than round rods and transfer energy more efficiently
• They have better flushing characteristics especially with horizontal drilling
• The rigidity of their cross section makes it possible to use a larger thread

Round drill Rods

Round RodsRound Rods

• Normally used in extension drilling application
• They are available in large cross-sectional diameters
• Typically lighter than hexagonal rods of an equivalent size

To ease the selection process, we have further categorized the drill rods based on the applications they typically serve

A. Drill rods suitable for small hole drilling/working for quarry, construction, and underground applications
B. Drill rods suitable for drifting and tunnelling applications
C. Drill rods suitable for long hole drilling and bench drilling applications

The drill rods used for small hole drilling/working are further categorized based on the rod shape and typical applications as follows

1. Chisel bit integral drill rods and chisel bit plug hole rods ideally used for hand held drilling/demolition work
Chisel bit integral drill rods – Catalogue
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2. Tapered Drill Rods use for drilling at construction sites, quarries and mines
Tapered Drill Rods – Catalogue
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3. Small Hole Drilling- Extension Drilling Tools
Small Hole Drilling- Extension Drilling Tool – Catalogues
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B. Drill rods used for drifting and tunnelling applications
Drifting and Tunneling – Catalogue
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C. Drill rods used for long hole drilling and bench drilling applications.
Drill Rods for Bench Drilling – Catalogue
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