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Top Hole Hammer Bits

Rocksmith top hammer bits are robust and long lasting. By adhering to strict manufacturing guidelines and standards we make premium quality bits which are well suited to your customized requirement.

To ease the selection process, Rocksmith has classified the drill bits based on its diameter, bit face configuration, inserted carbide profile and skirt profile

Diameter Selection
The selection of the hammer bits is done based on the diameter one intends to drill. Rocksmith offers top hammer drill bits ranging from 28 mm (1 1/8”) to 127 mm (5”)

Bit face configuration
Rocksmith offers button bits having drop centre and flat face bit face configuration. The selection criterion has been explained below.

dropDrop Centre Bit

facebitFlat Face bit face configuration

Drop centre bit face configuration
Drop centre bits are well suited for drilling straighter holes in less abrasive and less consolidated rock at a faster rate

Flat face bit face configuration

Flat face bits are general multipurpose bit that perform well in all rock conditions. They have a superior performance in hard, abrasive rock conditions. They are especially well suited for rocks such as granite, basalt, and hard limestone. They however have a slower penetration rate in comparison to drop centre bit.

Carbide profile selection
The right selection of the carbide profile shape is the fundamental decision when selecting different button bits. Rocksmith offers button bits having either semi ballistic or hemispherical carbide design.

semiblasticSemi-ballistic carbide profile

fullblasHemispherical carbide profile

Semi-ballistic carbide profile

The button bit with semi ballistic carbide configuration offers faster penetration in softer rock. They are best suited for non abrasive ground conditions.

Hemispherical carbide profile
Button Bits with hemispherical carbide configuration are capable of drilling in hard rock. Although their penetration rate is slower in comparison to the bits with semi ballistic carbide profile, the bit life is longer.

retratRetrac Skirt Bit

standardStandard Skirt

Skirt profile selection
Rocksmith offers top hammer bits having both retrac as well as standard skirt

Retrac skirt profile
A retrac skirt is more suited for unconsolidated rock conditions. The splines improve the flushing characteristics of the hole and also assist in the quick and easy retrival of drill string.

Standard Skirt profile
A standard skirt is more suited for homogeneous rock conditions. The standard skirt is typically smaller than the head diameter and this gap between the bit and the rock wall helps in the flushing characteristics of the hole.

To further ease the selection process, the bits have been classified based on their applications

• Rocksmith offers top hammer bits for small hole drilling, drifting and tunnelling applications
Top Hole Hammer drill bits – Catalogue

• Rocksmith offers top hammer bits for long hole drilling and bench drilling applications
Top Hole Hammer long hole drill bits – Catalogue
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