Top Hammer Consumables

Top hammers are primarily used for drilling holes into hard rock for hole diameters upto 6” (152 mm). The main advantage of this type of drilling is that they offer a high rate of penetration into solid rock. Top hammer use percussion, rotation and feed force to drill a hole into rock. In a top hammer high impact energy is generated when the piston strikes the shank adapter. This energy is transmitted from the rock drill to the rock via the shank adaptor, drill steel and drill bit.

Rocksmith offers premium quality shank adapters, drill rods, couplings, guide tubes, and drill bits. Our products have been tried and tested in the harshest of rock conditions. They are robust, durable, and long lasting.

top-hammerTop Hammer Consumables

The list of consumables offered by Rocksmith includes the following
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Shank Adaptors


Drill Rods

Bit Adapters/Crossover Adapters

Guide Tubes

Top Hammer Bits

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