Water Well Screens

Rocksmith offers water well screens made from Stainless Steel SS 304. The screens are manufactured by wrapping a wire around longitudinal rods. The wire is welded to the rods by resistance welding producing a cage-shaped cylindrical configuration.

There are several advantages a water well screen offers. They are as follows

• The water well screen is a key component for controlling the sand entering the water bore circuit. The slot design of the screen resists plugging and prevents sand from damaging the pumps. The slots in the water well screens are unique in shape. The inwardly widening shape from the very edge of the slot allows only two point contact with any grain outside it. If the grain size is even marginally smaller, it slips right through without facing any resistance and is then removed out of the well with the water. The larger grains however remain outside. This design feature makes these screens non clogging type

slot profile - water well screensSlot

• While the slotted UPVC pipes have least open area 10%- 15 % the ‘V’ wire wound screen has highest possible open area (14 %-50 %) The high open area allows for water to enter the well freely resulting in minimal drawdown and less energy usage by pump

• The wire and rod construction offers required strength for specified well depth

• The unique water well screen design allows for lower entrance velocity of the water, reducing the encrustation rate

• As the screen is made from stainless steel it offers maximum corrosion resistance for water chemistry

• The right selection of slot size is made after below ground sand sample analysis. The slot size, diameter, and the length of the screen can be customized to suit the requirement of the well

water well screens

Water Well Screen

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