Drill Rig: RSG-2200

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The RSG-2200 is a wire-line core drill rig, suitable for various exploration and prospecting applications.

RSG-2200 Performance Features

  • Self contained operator panel with manually operated hydraulic control valves
  • 12 ton capacity mainline hoist
  • 25 ton pullback with 6 m rod pull, direct-coupled feed cylinder with 3.7 m stroke
  • 45-90 degree drilling mast angle capability
  • Hydraulic Chuck with 243 kN holding capacity
  • Hydraulic powered rod clamp with BQ rod to HWT casing jaw sizes
  • PQ foot clamp, spring close / hydraulic open for failsafe operation
  • Individual cooling system, centralised operator panel

RSG-2200 Specifications

Diesel Engine

Model: WP6G240E330 (EU Stage IIIA)
Displacement: 6.7L
Power: 176 kW (240HP)
Rated RPM: 2200rpm
Recommended maximum drilling depths: BQ 2050 m, HQ 1350 m, NQ 1650 m, PQ 950 m

Drill Head

Rotation Motor: Two-speed Hydraulic Motor
RPM: Three Shifts Step-less ChangeF 0-1250 RPM
Head Opener: 600 MM
Hydraulic Chuck(PQ): Hydraulically opened Axial Holding Capacity of 243,000 N
Max. Torque: 6200 N·m
Hold Diameter: 121 mm
Max. Lifting capacity of Spindle: 235 kN
Max. Feeding Power: 80 kN

Capacity of Main Hoist

Hoisting Speed (single wire): 0-65 m/min(bare drum)
Hoisting force (single wire): 120 kN
Steel Wire Diameter: 20-22 mm
Steel Wire Length: 45 m

Capacity of Wireline Hoist

Hoisting Force (single wire): 15 kN (3372 lbf) (bare drum)
Steel Wire Diameter: 6-8 mm
Steel Wire Length: 2200 m


Mast Height: 9.5 m
Drilling Angle: 45° to 90°
Feeding Stroke: 3700 mm
Slippage Stroke: 1000 mm
Feed Pull: 25 ton
Feed Thrust: 9 ton
Rod Pull: 3m or 6m (9.84 feet or 19.68 feet)

Mud Pump

Output volume: 250 L/min
Discharge pressure: 8.0 Mpa

Foot Clamp

Clamping Scope: 55.5-118 mm through hole ∅165mm


Weight: 10.50 tonnes
Transport Dimensions (L × W × H ): 5880 × 2240 × 2480mm
Transport Way: Steel Crawler

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