Plastic / Metal Core Trays

Our Core Sample Trays are high quality, safe and simple to operate and maintain - designed in conjunction with mining contractors, drilling contractors and rig manufacturers to deliver the best results.

These products are also Australian engineered and manufactured, to suit challenging environmental conditions both locally and across the world.
Rocksmith can supply to just about anywhere in the world - If you need it, we'll get it there!

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Core Trays are designed for the mining and exploration industry to store and transport core samples. Plastic and metal Core Trays are available. They are stackable, come in a range of sizes with various colour options and can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Corebox (Plastic Core Trays)

Corebox plastic Core Tray has been developed through close consultation with mining industry experts to create a new standard in core tray functionality and usability. The Corebox is manufactured using polypropylene to prevent corrosion of the tray and eliminate the potential for cross contamination of the stored ore – even those that are highly acidic, highly alkaline or are stored in high levels of humidity.

Metal Core Trays

Our metal Core Trays are quality zinc/al metal core trays that are available assembled or unassembled for easy transport. Strong, stackable core trays that are designed for safety with chamfered ends and optional handles.
Sizes BQ2, HQ, NQ2 and PQ available.

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