Diesel powered Vacuum Excavator - VM2000 / VM3000

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The VM2000 and VM3000 Vacuum Excavators feature the productive know-how developed from supplying durable, reliable trenchless technology equipment used by contractors and municipalities for more than 20 years.


  • Diesel Engine
  • Powerful Roots Blower
  • Fully Enclosed Blower Pack
  • Protection from the Elements
  • Quiet blower pack for working in urban areas


  • Three Stage Filtration System
  • With Cyclone Separation
  • Washable 5 micron filter element
  • Ease of service


  • Water pump uses electric clutch feature
  • Pump pump can be disengaged when water is not in use, allowing full horsepower to the vacuum system.
  • Reduces wear on water pump.
  • Set at 3500psi for safe working around existing services.


  • Hydraulic cylinder tank lift
  • Able to work on cylinders with tank down
  • Remote tank lift control
  • Ease of Operation
  • Manual door lock

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What type of work can you do with a VM2000 / VM3000 Vacuum Excavator?

  • Underground Service Locating
  • Environmental cleanup - Everything from flooded basements to oil spoils.
  • Install fence posts
  • Live gas pipe maintenance
  • Live sewer pipe maintenance
  • Drilling fluid and mud cleanup.
  • Construction site cleanup.
  • ...and much more

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VM2000 / VM3000 Dimensions
A B C Dry Weight (kg)
VM3000 2080mm 4930mm 1725mm 3100 Kg
VM2000 2080mm 4240mm 1725mm 2800 Kg
M2000 / VM3000 Vacuum Excavator
Vacuum System 3” hose all round and 550 CFM blower
Diesel Engine 34.9 Hp Kohler KDW1404
Spoil Storage Tank 2000L or 3000L Capacity with remote hydraulic tipping
High Pressure Water System 3500psi @ 15 Lpm
Water Tank 800 Litres
Dry Weight (excluding trailer) 1235 Kg
Retractable Hose Reel 15 m
Optional Extras
Manual Boom Option With hydraulic up down movement
Double Jet Digging Wand 6.5" dia (165mm) hole
Suction Hose Extension 10 metres

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