Replaceable Blade Drag Bit System

Rocksmith's Replaceable Blade Drag Bit system is the most cost effective and versatile bit available.

image of Replaceable Blade Drag Bit System

Cost Effectiveness

The blade system allows you to replace a single blade when it is worn or damaged versus replacing the whole bit. Keep a variety of blades on hand to ensure your time onsite is the most efficient.


From 3 7/8'' three-step bits to 6.1/4'' four-step bits to the various sized chevron bits, our replaceable blade system offers versatility to meet your many different drilling needs.

Head and Ring AssemblyThree-Wing, Four-Wing
Blade AdapterSub MHJR, MHR, FEDP, IF

Replacement Blades In-Stock Sizes
Step Type37/8'' - 61/4''
Chevron Blade37/8'' - 61/4''

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