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Gorilla Grip - M3200-62

The Gorilla Grip breakout system is developed as an after market breakout to retro fit to Atlas DML, DM45 & DM50’s with minimal modifications and due to its compact design and optional incorporated deck spanner and/or rod kicker this breakout is capable of being mounted into more then just atlas blast hole rigs.

Dual Rotary - M3141-62

The Dual Rotary Breakout System is an after market breakout designed to retro fit into T685 & T450 drill rigs with none to minimal modifications required. Fabricated from high tensile steel, these breakouts are light weight, compact and built to last.

The dual rotation top and bottom clamps allows for 52° of rotation, a major advantage in breaking out drill string and hammers in one operation. this breakout is also available as a single unit.

Single Rotary - M3918-62

Single Rotary breakout system is also available.

Eagle Grip Dual - M3609-62

Eagle Grip Single - M3608-62

Bull Ant Single - M2927-62

The Eagle Grip single & dual are light weight & compact breakout systems which can either be mounted inside the mast or as a swing in system. The breakout comes as a dual rotation unit with top and bottom rotating clamps giving 50° of rotation or as a single unit with single clamp and rotate.

This unit designed as a retro fit for UDR1200 model drill rigs as a mast in mount breakout, tramming into position from behind the drill line within the mast, keeping line of sight to the drill table free from obstructions.

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