Eccentric Overburden System

image of Eccentric Overburden System

Key Features:

Available for casing size from 114mm to 273mm.

Simple two-part design for better transfer of energy to bit face.

Optimal drilling performance in unstable ground conditions. The eccentric bit can be easily and quickly removed for replacement or refurbishment.

ODS bit has a positive pilot design which helps guide the eccentric bit and produce a straighter hole. When the ODS system has been drilled to the required depth, the eccentric bit can be closed to its concentric position by pulling up against the casing shoe and counter rotating The bit holder is fitted into the hammer in the same way as a conventional DTH bit would be.

DHD3.5, DHD340, Cop44, SD4, SD5, DHD350, QL50, SD6, DHD360, QL60, DHD380, SD8, QL80 Are available to be the bit holder.

image of Eccentric Overburden System

How to order?

Just advise casing tube out diameter & inner diameter and DTH hammer shank style.

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