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Air Core Drilling is used for drilling into unconsolidated, soft ground conditions. This method of drilling is used to drill the weathered regolith (loose, heterogeneous material covering solid rock). It provides a more representative sample of the ground as it prevents cross contamination. This type of drilling requires minimal site preparation and is usually completed in well under a day. It is relatively inexpensive and is often used in first pass exploration drill programs. It is limited to shallow depths of 50-60 metres and it is drilled using a smaller rig known as an Air-core rig.

Rocksmith offers premium quality air core drill bits. Our bits are equipped with extra heavy duty tungsten carbide blades which gives the user drill rig the ability to withstand the penetration shocks of high speed air core drilling. We offer bits in the popular 2 and 3 blade type design.

Now ordering air core bits from Rocksmith is an easy process. Please click on the catalogue link below to view the available sizes with Rocksmith.

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